About Us

What’s our goal?

We began working on this website during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has held all sports in America to a standstill, with the goal of using data analytics to write sports articles that give sports fans something to enjoy while stuck at home. In the future, we will continue to post fun and interesting data-driven articles every week even after the pandemic is over.

What's in store?

Currently, we are only focused on the big three of American sports (football, basketball, and baseball) but there are plenty of other sports out there. We would like to expand our coverage into other sports and are looking for new analysts who will be able to fill that role. We will also be introducing a "Kids" section soon that will contain things like quarantine workouts for kids and an introduction on how to view sports from an analytical perspective.  If you are interested in joining our team or just writing an article to put our website please visit the contact page or email hjiausa@gmail.com for more information. To get notified when new articles are released, please enter your email at the bottom of this page. Stay Tuned!

Useful Links

Below are links to a glossary of the stats that we use in our articles for each sport.

Football: Next Gen Stats

Basketball: NBAstuffer

Baseball: Statcast, Fangraphs

Our Staff

Henry Jia (NHS)

Head Baseball Analyst
Web Master/Editor

Rohin Palsule (NHS)

Head Football Analyst
Basketball Analyst

Oswald Lai (NHS)

Head Basketball Analyst

Ryan Hsiao (NHS)

Head Baseball Analyst
Basketball Analyst
Football Analyst

Brandon Xu (NHS)

Head Football Analyst

Justin Nam (NHS)

Head Basketball Analyst
Football Analyst

Kiel Messinger (UHS)

Head Football Analyst

Wesley Tsai (UHS)

Head Swim Analyst

Troy Javier (NHS)

Head College Football Analyst

Arjun Panchagatti (NHS)

Head Soccer Analyst

Nameer Ahmed (NHS)

Head Tennis Analyst

Jay Parikh (NHS)

Football Analyst

Sungjoon Chang (NHS)

Head Soccer Analyst

Benjamin Liu (NHS)

Head Swim Analyst

Ryan Abaye (NHS)

Basketball Analyst

William Baik (NHS)

Editor in Chief

Curtis Yang (NHS)

Assistant Editor in Chief

James Pacun (NHS)

Web Developer

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